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Our boat and equipment

Our boat a 33 foot Trojan

Our boat is a 10 meter (33foot) Trojan with 2 GM 454 engines, completely out fitted for fishing on Lake Michigan. The boat is a very comfortable 13 foot wide with a fishing area that is 12 by 14 foot which is more than enough for 6 people.

The equipment includes ,

1.Sonar to locate the schools of salmon that we will be looking for.

2. Radar to keep an eye on the weather and to allow us to fish in the fog if nessicary.

3. Gps helps us track were we have been so we can get back to the schools of fish we have located and to locate the harbor if the fog rolls in.

4. Marine radio for your safety and to communicate with other boats in the fleet.

5. Safety gear, all coast guard approved life jackets marine radio, flairs ect.

6. Rest room and small kitchen for your use if needed.

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